Vernon Tutbury

Vernon Tutbury Cotswold

Vernon Tutbury Medina

Vernon Tutbury Natura

Vernon Tutbury decorated

Vernon Tutbury Toilet

Vernon Tutbury Seat

Vernon Tutbury spares

Vernon Tutbury Basin

Vernon Tutbury Muscadet

Vernon Tutbury flowers

Silverdale Bathrooms

Silverdale Thames

Silverdale Esher

Jacuzzi Bathrooms

Jacuzzi Cognito

Jacuzzi Seat

BC Sanitan

Sanitan Edwardian

Sanitan Victorian

Twyfords Advent Seat

Twyfords Entice Seat

Twyfords Wave Seat

Twyfords Debut Seat

Twyfords Capricorn Seat

Twyfords Galerie Seat

Twyfords New Galerie Seat

Twyfords Olympiam Seat

Twyfords Envy Seat

Twyfords Venus Seat

Twyfords Verona Seat

Twyfords Rhapsody Seat

Twyfords Albany Seat

Twyfords Jupiter Seat

Twyfords 12020

Twyfords 12071

Twyfords 12074







Twyfords Royale Seat


9” hinges

225mm hinge centres

230mm hinge centres

9” seat hinges

Selles Anjou Seat

Selles Cheverny Seat

Selles Marly Seat

Selles Yoko Seat

Selles Versailles Seat

Selles Elysées Seat

Selles Shanga Seat

Selles 8330

Selles 8254

Selles Antibes Seat

Selles Royan 2 Seat

Selles Corum Seat

Jacob Delafon Altair Seat

Jacob Delafon Antares Seat

Jacob Delafon Apollo Seat

Jacob Delafon Astros Seat

Jacob Delafon Athena Seat

Jacob Delafon Freelance Seat

Jacob Delafon Iris Seat

Jacob Delafon Trocadero Seat

Jacob Delafon Venus Seat

Jacob Delafon Ola Seat

Jacob Delafon Ove Seat

Jacob Delafon Portrait Seat

Jacob Delafon Presqu’ile Seat

Jacob Delafon Turia Seat

Jacob Delafon Fleur Seat

Jacob Delafon Odeon Seat

Jacob Delafon Odela Seat

Jacob Delafon seat

Impulse Odessa

Impulse Zeto

Impulse Impala

Impulse Impalla

Impulse Serene

Impulse Radiua

Impulse Tribune

Impulse Kapello

Impulse Capello

Impulse Rochester

Impulse Geneviece

Impulse Bathrooms

Keramag Flow

Keramag Mango Kerafix

Keramag Mediano

Keramag Renova No. 1

Keramag Colta

Keramag Vivano

Keramag Courreges

Keramag Seat

Keramag toilet seat

Roca Laura

Roca Sidney

Roca Sydney

Roca Georgia

Roca Meridian

Roca Meridien

Roca Dama

Roca Senso

Roca Dama Senso

Roca Khroma

Roca Kroma

Roca Victoria

Roca Polo

Roca Veronica

Roca Giralda

Roca Menorca

Roca Ibis

Roca Hall

Roca Happening

Roca Seats

Roca Toilet

Roca Basin

Roca Urbi

Roca America

Roca New Classical

Roca Veranda


Agais / Peppermint

Soft Cream


Roca Nexo

Roca Meridian-N

Roca Dama-N

Roca Sureste

Roca Martina Cast iron

Roca Valor

Roca The Gap

Roca Debba

Roca Element

Roca Elements

Roca Access

Villeroy & Boch Grangracia Seat

Villeroy & Boch Planos Seat

Villeroy & Boch Magnum Seat

Villeroy & Boch Stratos Seat

Villeroy & Boch Epura Seat

Villeroy & Boch Helios Seat

Villeroy & Boch Subway Seat

Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0 Seat

Villeroy & Boch Opera Seat

Villeroy & Boch Tiora Seat

Villeroy & Boch Hommage Seat

Villeroy & Boch Banditos Seat

Villeroy & Boch Amadea Seat

Villeroy & Boch Sentique Seat

Villeroy & Boch Omnia Seat

Villeroy & Boch Omnia Architectura Seat

Villeroy & Boch Viala Seat

Villeroy & Boch Zenith Seat

Villeroy & Boch Memento Seat

Villeroy & Boch Century Seat

Villeroy & Boch Toboga Seat

Villeroy & Boch Oblic Seat

Villeroy & Boch Aveo Seat

Pressalit Plan

Pressalit ConCordia

Pressalit Sway D

Pressalit Sway D2

Pressalit Sway Uni

Pressalit Pinocchio

Pressalit Pinnocchio

Pressalit Modern Art

Pressalit Raja

Pressalit Shower Seat

Pressalit 1000

Pressalit Soft Close

Pressalit Seats

Pressalit Luxury Seat





Top-Fix Hinges

Villeroy & Boch Seats

Pressallit Tivoli  Seat

Pressalit T2 Seat

Pressalit T Soft D Seat

Pressalit Soft Seat

Pressalit Aqua Seat

Pressalit Calmo Seat

Pressalit Delight Seat

Pressalit Zaga Seat

Pressalit Scandinavia Seat

Pressalit Dania Seat

Pressalit Scandinavia Plus Seat

Pressalit Magnum Seat

Pressalit Selandia Seat

Pressalit Projecta Seat

Pressalit Projecta-D Seat

Pressalit Projecta Plus Seat

Pressalit Projecta Pro Seat

Pressalit Objecta Seat

Pressalit Objecta-D Seat

Pressalit 2 Seat

Pressalit 3 Seat

Pressalit 345 Seat

Pressalit Code Seat

Pressalit D Code Seat

Pressalit 2000 Seat

Pressalit 716 Seat

Pressalit 718 Seat

Pressalit 720 Seat

Pressalit 722 Seat

Doulton Vista Seat

Doulton Optima Seat

Doulton Milan Seat

Doulton Courreges Seat

Allia Courreges Seat

Doulton Romany Seat

Doulton Florette Seat

Royal Doulton Spirit Seat

Doulton Aspect Seat

Doulton Sovereign Seat

Doulton Monet Seat

Doulton Countess Seat

Armitage Shanks Astra Seat

Armitage Shanks Cameo Seat

Armitage Shanks Concept Seat

Armitage Shanks Saturn Seat

Armitage Shanks Gemini Seat

Armitage Shanks Bakasan Seat

Armitage Shanks Halo Seat

Armitage Shanks Richmond Seat

Armitage Shanks Leo Seat

Armitage Shanks Contour 21 Seat

Armitage Shanks Disney Seat

Armitage Shanks Leo Seat

Armitage Shanks Cottage Seat

Armitage Shanks Ascania Seat

Armitage Shanks Cottage Seat

Armitage Shanks Cottage

Armitage Shanks Cree

Armitage Shanks Wentworth

Armitage Shanks Sandringham

Armitage Shanks Lichfield

Armitage Shanks Montana

Armitage Shanks Liberty

Armitage Shanks Kensington

Armitage Shanks Group Compact

Armitage Shanks Concept Basin

Armitage Shanks Dominion

Armitage Shanks Charlotte

Armitage Shanks Georgia

Armitage Shanks Lafayette

Armitage Shanks Isabella

Armitage Shanks Galaxy

Armitage Shanks Herculux

Armitage Shanks Bloomsbury

Armitage Shanks Seville

Armitage Shanks Cosmos

Armitage Shanks Larch

Armitage Shanks Contour

Armitage Shanks Profile

Armitage Shanks Braemar

Armitage Shanks Melrose

Armitage Shanks Tiffany

Armitage Shanks Venice

Armitage Shanks Junior Profile

Armitage Shanks Valencia

Armitage Shanks Doon

Armitage Shanks Stainless Steel

Armitage Shanks Drinking Fountain

Armitage Shanks Corex

Armitage Shanks Dorex

Armitage Shanks Junia

Armitage Shanks Senia

Armitage Shanks Disney

Armitage Shanks Cameo

Armitage Shanks Carina

Armitage Shanks Antoinette

Armitage Shanks Orbit

Armitage Shanks Orbit 21

Armitage Shanks Sandringham 21

Armitage Shanks Dania

Armitage Shanks Portman

Armitage Shanks Planet

Armitage Shanks Rosebury

Armitage Shanks Talbot

Armitage Shanks Raphael

Armitage Shanks Halo

Armitage Shanks Sanura

Armitage Shanks Salonex

Armitage Shanks Leander

Armitage Shanks Ova

Armitage Shanks Cliveden

Armitage Shanks Armacast

Armitage Shanks Marina

Armitage Shanks Armada

Armitage Shanks Royalex

Ideal Standard Michelangelo Seat

Ideal Standard Accent Seat

Ideal Standard Cabria Seat

Ideal Standard Alto Seat

Ideal Standard Studio Seat

Ideal Standard Ravenna Seat

Ideal Standard Space Seat

Ideal Standard Linda Seat

Ideal Standard Purity Seat


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Armitage shanks

Ideal standard


Vernon tutbury

Seat buffers

Seat hinges

Identify my seat

Bemis / C & M



Villeroy & Boch

Celmac / wirquin

Jacob delafon



Ceramica dolomite


Shires / Visions

Other makes

C p hart



Doulton / allia

Pozzi Ginori






R a k ceramics






Twyfords Olympian 635mm semi-rec 1TH Basin


Aria 55cm Undermount Basin in White

Bravo CC Cistern *bare* in Soft Cream

Camden Urinal Bowl White VC7003WH

Urinal Divider VC7051  [9 in stock]

Classic LL HO Pan in Pampas

Dovedale Cistern Lid in Soft Cream CX3139

Elite CC Cistern Soft White (Pergammon)

UniPed Pedestal in White

Norwood 6-bolt CC Pan in Sepia

Norwood 12020/30 BIBO Cistern *bare* in Gaelle

Norwood BIBO Cistern *bare* in Sepia

Sola Rimless BTW Pan SA1968

Unknown 61cm x 45cm semi-rec 1TH Basin in Sepia

Unknown 3TH Bidet + Douche in Sepia

12020/30 Cistern Lid only in Mink

12020/30 Cistern Lid only in Pampas

Delphic ‘P’ Trap Pan White  1 only  *7 - 10 days

View 55cm 1TH Basin (T/Install)

Options CC Lever-style Cistern

For details on the items in Sepia, please click here

Twyfords Olympian semi-recessed basin

Twyfords Verona & Venus Basins  (no pedestal)

Twyords Venus 65cm 1TH Basin in Cornflower Blue
Twyfords Parmis Basin 2TH Champagne

Twyfords Parmis 2TH Basin

Twyfords Provencale range

Twyfords Vista range

Royale Seat in Soft Cream (24cm hinges)

Twyford Advent    Twyfords capricorn      Twyford chantal

Twyfords clairce    Twyfords Debut       Twyford Encore

Twyford Entice / Wave     Twyfords Envy      Twyford Flow

Twyfords Galerie (design)      Twyfords Jupiter

Twyfords Nocturne / Norwood / Classic     Twyford Integrity

Twyfords Olympian            Twyfords Parmis

Twyfords Provencale      Twyfords rhapsody      Twyfords Royale  

Twyfords Venus / Verona            Twyfords (Doulton) Vista

Twyfords Refresh      Twyfords Rhapsody      other Twyfords items

Twyfords Bravo            Twyfords Elite

Bravo 575mm 2TH Basin in Soft Cream Twyford Elite Cistern (boxed) Twyfords P-Trap BTW Pan in White Twyford Sola Rimless BTW Pan Twyfords 6-bolt washdown pan in Sepia

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Twyford Rhapsody semi-rec 2TH Basin Rosewater Twyfords Rhapsody 58cm 1TH Basin in Peach Twyfords Olympian 635mm semi-recessed 1TH Basin Twyords Parmis Basin WB1382WH Twyfords Provencale 1TH Basin in Soft Cream Vista / Optima CC Pan in Whisky Vista 575mm 2TH Basin in Wild Sage Vista Cistern Lid
Twyford Refresh 55cm semi-rec 1TH Basin in White Twyford Refresh 55cm 1TH Vanity Basin in White Twyford Refresh Seat with Soft Close hinges Twyfords Royale CC WC Suite Twyfords Venus 12074 CC Cistern Twyfords Venus / Verona CC Pan Twyfords Venus 12074 Cistern Lid Twyfords Urinal Divider Twyfords 12020/30 Cistern Lid only in Mink Twyfords Classic LL Cistern Twyfords Olympian 635mm semi-recessed 2TH Basin Parmis Basin in Platinum / Grey

For Twyfords toilet seats, please click here

Twyford Vello / Keramag Silk Countertop Basin